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THE WAY OF ABRAHADABRA  Standard Edition by André Consciência

THE WAY OF ABRAHADABRA Standard Edition by André Consciência

The Way of Abrahadabra means to uncover, as translation suggests, the Tao of Abrahadabra. More specifically, it intends to uncover the way in which this formula may unveil the Tao by the systematic practice of the magick encrypted in its letters and their virtues, powers and symbols. From the author's point of view it's been a while since a complex and structured body of magickal praxis has been shaped individually and independently. To do that and still keep the method of hermetic science one needs wild and untamed visionary knowledge to dance together with a solid comprehension of universal law. It is today necessary to go beyond the barriers of conventional magick and still keep the tradition, for magick, too, must advance with human developement, and rigidness, reason, obscurantism or chaos has not been sufficient. Altough we have as a starting point a speculative philosophy – a compass to the infinite within and the infinite without -, we are not preaching, and The Way of Abrahadabra speaks through the silence of its practices. We do not see the advent of the Aeon primarily as a political statement nor do we see the Aeon as a cult or an aesthetical movement. In what concerns magick, it must be no less and no more than a craft, a means for doing, all else being anathema to its own principles. Thelema has been tainted by strong morals of its own, becoming a subculture instead of a discipline.


While method requires silence, Thelema is crowded by babbling fools, intelectuals and academics who would be happy to monopolyze the great science to the gratification of their survival needs or the survival needs of their tainted and conflicting collectives. Such is not wrong, even if we claim that death is the loving mistress of the magician and survival no more than a guiding dog, yet for the sake of magick we strip the hermeticism of the New Aeon away from its profane noise and back to universal rule, so that the Heavenly-Beast may be freely driven by the Woman in Scarlet. To the traditional analogies, in turn, we apply the work of intelligence and poetic sensibility, for the Monkey of Toth but indicates Toth and is not the aim.


This animistic work is a visionary tome of luciferian nature and a guide to the practical magick of the solar path, its projective powers and the Tao within it, to be followed by a second book, The Path of IPSOS.

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