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THE SINISTER AEON Asha' Shedim The Lilin Society

THE SINISTER AEON Asha' Shedim The Lilin Society


by Asha' Shedim

The Lilin Society


The Sinister Aeon contains the teachings and rituals of the Satanic Gnostic group The Lilin Society. Written by its founder and leader, Asha’Shedim, this book explores the dark arts of Gnostic Satanism and Quimbanda. Much of this book contains material which was once previously unavailable to the public and in print for the first time. Taken directly from the Sacred Book of Ahriman, the manuscripts within will guide the Satanist toward spiritual evolution of the Azoth, aid in achieving Gnosis and help change and develop the causal world around him.


Table of Contents

Code of Sinister-Honour 

The Aeon of Dark Empathy 

Satanism in the Lilin Society

The Book of Qayin and Luluwa 

The Book of Tehiru 

The Satanic Points 

The Abyss 

Sexuality in the Lilin Society 


Black Sorcery 

Luciferian Eugenics

The Book of Lilith 

Goddess of Death 

The Guide to Sexual Sorcery

The Lilin Society’s Black Mass 

Blood Orgy to Dark Mother Baphomet 

Ritual of the Living Causal Nexion 

The Ritual of Eden’s Apple 

The Commitment to the Spirit of Qayin 

Demon Invocation Ritual 

The Rite to Belial 

Suicide Rite 

A Carnal Celebration of Blasphemy 

Blessings to Baphomet

Chant to Chavajoth 

Spell for Divination 

A Basic Ritual for Gnosis 

Blood Sacrifice to Baphomet 

The Necrosexual Rites of the Whore Lilith 

Human Sacrifice to Master Qayin 

Lesbian Ritual of the Demonic Feminine 

The Homosexual Ritual of the Demonic Masculine 

Sodomy: A Blasphemy from the Devil 

A Guide for Heterosexual, Lesbian and Homosexual Sodomy Sorcery

Ritual to Luluwa 

Satanic Rosary 

Pact with Satan 

Prayer to Qayin 

A General Quimbanda Ritual Setup

Exu Rei Financial Spell 

Spell to Induce Suicide 

Thief Protection Spell 

Curse of Ormolu

Love Spell of Maria Padhila 

Spell of Protection 

Spell to Murder a Person 

Spell to speak with Deceased Love Ones 

Healing Spell 

Working with the Spirits of Quimbanda 

Lilin Society Sect Rules 

Initiate to Adept Testing

The Bylaws 

History of the Lilin Society 


Core Beliefs of the Lilin Society 

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