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The Shadow Tarot  by Linda Falorio

The Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio

The Shadow Tarot 

by Linda Falorio


he Classic Occult grimoire first published in 1988 by Linda Falorio and fred Flower, is now released in a beautiful deluxe edition limited to 22 hand numered copies, each one of them corresponding within the respective Tunnels and consecrated directly with the energies of the nightside tree. The Shadow Tarot has been created as an exploration tool for delving into those areas of the psyche that find their reflection in the Collective Unconscious and the Archetypal Shadow.


The images represent the Nightside of consciousness as opposed to our ordinary "dayside" reality. Through her art and writing Linda seeks to create a direct outré experience in the viewer of transforming states of self-awareness; to open Gates into vast, unexplored inner geographies of the psyche, finding beauty and power in the twistings and turnings of the Inner Labyrinth.


*The grimoire include colorful pages of each one of the 22 tarot arcane

*Includes a ritual cd called "Maxima  mysteria typhoniana" 60 minutes of qliphotic trance ritual soundscapes


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