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By Augustine Moriar

Thanatos Publishings/ Sirius Limited Esoterica


The Satanic Manual of the Abysmal Serpent  is a revolutionary theistic Satanic grimoire authored by Satanic High Priest Augustine Moriar. This groundbreaking book introduces a new style of Satanism, derived from Moriar's extensive personal study and practice. The philosophy presented in the manual is influenced by pre-Christian Kabbalistic teachings, with a particular emphasis on the Qliphoth, also known as the tree of death. Moriar also incorporates elements from the Enochian work of John Dee, traditional Black Magick, Witchcraft, and Gnostic teachings. This unique blend of influences creates a fresh and transformative approach to Satanism, offering practitioners a new path to explore and embrace.


The Special Edition comes with 265 pages. in black leather and print card of the Adversarial Light on the leather cover! Also includes a 33 pages booklet called “The Serpent tongue of the Devil” .




Welcome to the Coven of the Abysmal Serpent

The Philosophy of the Abysmal Serpent

From Christianity to Satanism: The Challenges of Changing Faith

The Seriousness of Changing Faith


Demon Worship: The Importance of Demon Worship

The Theory and Practice of Magick

Satanic Holidays of the Abysmal Serpent

Of the Ritual Tools, Colors, and Numbers

Altar Arrangment

Building an Astral Temple

Example of Creating an Astral Temple

The Qlipoth and its Role in the Abysmal Serpent System

Qlipoth Middle Pillar Exercise             

What is the Sitra Achra

Qliphotic Meditation

Sacred Prayer to the Abysmal Serpent

Other Demonic Associations with Each Sphere of the Qlipoth

Prayers to Activate Each Spere’s Spiritual Vibrational Frequency

Lucifer, the Exalted God of Independence, and Rebellion

Daily Spiritual Work for the Adept of the Abysmal Serpent

The Demonic Liber Resh of the Coven of the Abysmal Serpent

The Art of Conjuring

The Path to Studying and Preparing for the Art of Conjuring the Unholy Divine

A Simple Yet Powerful Example of a Conjuration

The Black Flame

The Black Flame Path Working

The Importance of Using the Watchers in Theistic Satanism Versus the Commonly Known Demons of the Goetia

The Fallen Angels or Watchers of Enoch

The Demonic Magical Enns of the Fallen Watchers

Prayer or Incantations for the Fallen Watchers of Enoch

A List of Decoded Enochian Words and Their Meaning, for Use in Creating Your Own Demonic Enns. As Decoded by the Abysmal Serpent

The Fallen Watchers as Their Own Qliphoth

The Fallen Angels of Enoch

The Fallen Watchers Tree of the Qliphoth

Fallen Watchers Attributes

Planetary Magick

Demonic Planetary Magick of the Abysmal Serpent

Prayers and Invocations

The Path to Studying and Preparing for the Art of Conjuring the Unholy Divine

Doctrine of Theistic Satanism, According to the Abysmal Serpent

Essential Rituals of The Abysmal Serpent

The Opening of the Gates

The Mass of the Abysmal Serpent

Manus Contritionis

The Opening of the Gates

Self-Initiation into the Abysmal Serpent Current

Abysmal Serpent Initiation

The Great Work According to the Satanic Coven of the Abysmal Serpent

The Great Work of the Abysmal Serpent

What is Alchemy?

List of Other Ancient Deities Linked to Satan

Suggested Reading

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