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THE PATH OF IPSOS vol II by André Consciéncia

THE PATH OF IPSOS vol II by André Consciéncia


The Path of Ipsos Vol II is almost wholly dedicated to the Aeon of Maat and it picks where Vol I left. Unlike many other books about this subject, it is a practical book, and while part of it follows on the footsteps of Maat Magick by Nema, the other part is dedicated to the use of the systematic complexities of modern science in accordance to magical and hermetic wisdom, and to actualizing the occult body of knowledge. At last, some thoughts and meditations are given to the Wordless Aeon (beyond and inside that of Maat) as first seen through the lens of the Horus Maat Lodge and then directly through the authentic eyes of the beholder.    


While the Path of Ipsos Vol I can still be useful to the beginner, given that it introduces and guides the practitioner through the progressions of occult tradition over the ages, the Path of Ipsos Vol II is truly a book for the mature adept, whatever his or her origin is.


Standard Edition Limited to 55  hand numered copies.

Hard Printed  Cover

352 pages


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