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THE PATH OF IPSOS Vol I Deluxe Edition by André Consciência

THE PATH OF IPSOS Vol I Deluxe Edition by André Consciência

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Our aim at The Way of Abrahadabra book was to offer individual adepthood to those treading the magickal path at the Aeon of Horus, proclaimed by Aleister Crowley as our present Era. In the present book we are aiming at a broader perspective. IPSOS is the word of the concurrent Aeon of Maat as proclaimed by the adept Nema, it means «by the same mouth» and the exercises that are about to be given seek to place the magician as an acting agent right at the center of the collective consciousness. But to do that, we will have to master the systems of all known Aeons.


At The Way of Abrahadabra we were bringing consciousness into the subconscious, now the subconscious will hopefully shower back with gifts and blessings. The author will not be as careful and detailed as he was at The Way of Abrahadabra, for this is not an introduction to magick and its fundamentals, but an additional tool to the learned practitioner. 


The magician is expected to apply the sorcery of past Aeons with the law and wisdom of the scientific method under mystical aims in order to later advance further into a modern approach to magick, which we consider to have become dormant since ancient greece and egypt, stepping directly from there to quantum physics and modern psychology. The Book of Isis, called Nature, has taught us much inbetween, and the bridge needs to be cemented in order for us to step into the future of this craft with both feet on the ground. This aim will be approached in our book, but to get to it, the magician must cross the dark ages. 


Be warned that without the proper knowledge of the laws of creativity, imagination, analogy and material applications, at some point of this book the reader may easily fall prey to either fantasy, superstition or skepticism, and the ordeals will fall harder on the untrained. Be that as it may, if this book has fallen into your hands know that when the candidate is ready knowledge will unveil.


It remains to say that it would be ridiculous for me to lecture the mature magician on his conduct, he being sovereign, but although every Aeon has its own morals, this book is mostly concerned with Maat, and to pay it homage the magician is to keep truth, balance and justice in mind and heart at all times.


This book is a complex work and if the magician is ever stuck, he is to go back to different systems and perfect his training of magick. The Path of Ipsos is a work meant for the magician to whom magick is a primary reality, coming natural and easy like breath. From the first to the last exercise we will have come so far that it is hard for the magician to understand where he is at, objectively. This is why the most important ingredient of this book is also the simplest, the double journal of truth and balance. We hope that the magician will somehow become a living talisman, a catalyst for human progress.


Deluxe Edition comes in full Leather in red and  black sigil print. Limited to 22




The Shamanic Aeon/Nameless Aeon and the formula of BES

The Aeon of the Mother/Aeon of ISIS and the formula of LASHTAL

The Aeon of the Father/Aeon of Osiris and the formula of VIAOV

The Aeon of the Son/Aeon of Horus and the formula of ABRAHADABRA

The Aeon of the Daughter,/Aeon of Maat and the formula of IPSOS

The Aeonic Systems of Magick

The Nameless Aeon

The Aeon of the Mother

The Aeon of the Father

The Aeon of the Son

The Aeon of the Daughter

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