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THE ORACLE OF HECATE standard edition

THE ORACLE OF HECATE standard edition


By Asenath Mason


This oracle deck contains explorations of Hecate and her epithets from the perspective of a modern practitioner. Included here are 33 cards, each one showing a different aspect of the goddess. Each of them has different powers and associations and is depicted in a unique way. These depictions are based on the author’s personal visions of the goddess, received through rituals, meditative work, dream magic, and studying the available sources on her mythology – both ancient and modern. Each portrait is accompanied by the explanation of its origin, mythological background and powers to use in ritual work. There is also a prayer that can be used to connect with the particular aspect of the goddess or to simply attune yourself to her powers. The cards themselves can be used in multiple ways, too. You can invoke the aspect of Hecate depicted in the chosen card for a meditative experience. You can draw a random card to see what lesson the goddess herself has for you at the moment.


You can also meditate with more than one card, or even the entire oracle set to invite her energies into your life. From a practical perspective, each of the aspects of the goddess can teach you something different. Some of them will show you how to find your potential and overcome obstacles. Others will show you how to enhance your growth and develop psychic skills. Still others will point you at the right direction if you feel confused or stuck and do not know where to go from here. In other words, you will find here guidance, insights into your personal growth and practical solutions for self-empowerment."


Hard Cover Standard edition including 175 pages + 33 deck cards pack





The Queen of the Crossroads

The Oracle

Chthonia – “Of the earth”

Nykteria – “Of the night”

Skotia – “Of the dark”

Enodia – “Of the way”

Empylion – “At the gate”

Lykaina – “She-wolf”

Panopaia – “All-seeing”

Pammetor – “Mother of All”

Soteira – “Savior”

Apotropaia – “Averter”

Klêidouchos – “Key-keeper”

Kourotrophos – “Child-nurturer”

Einalia – “Of the sea”

Ourania – “Heavenly”

Phôsphoros – “Light-Bringer”

Propolos – “Companion”

Azostos – “Unbound”

Trimorphe – “Three-formed”

Trioditis – “Of the three roads”

Brimô – “Terrifying”

Despoina – “Mistress”

Drakaina – “Dragoness”

Erannos – “Lovely”

Mene – “Moon”

Phileremos – “Lover of solitude”

Deichteira – “Teacher”

Tletos – “Patient”

Pandôteira – “All-giving”

Thêroktomos – “Beast-slayer”

Alkimos – “Powerful”

Anassa Eneroi – “Queen of the Dead”

Astrodia – “Star-walker”

Athanatos – “Immortal”

One Card Reading

The Torch Spread

The Wheel of Hecate Spread

The Key Spread

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