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THE COLLECTED WRITINGS  Deluxe Edition By S.Ben Qayin

THE COLLECTED WRITINGS Deluxe Edition By S.Ben Qayin

Countless hours of study and practice go into the ‘Arte Magical’ that need be done to understand it in its entirety. Lost histories and obscure magicians must become known, archaic traditions and shadowed ceremonies understood. Though for me, understanding the workings of magic was much more than studying the past, it was also about embracing the cutting-edge philosophies of the present and expanding subject of quantum mechanics and philosophy. Knowledge is not free, and I have paid for it with my time. The subject matter of the works presented, span centuries of occult tradition and technique. They encompass a wide spectrum of discussion, from the importance of blood in magic, zombies and the undead to the science and mechanics behind what makes magic work"...

Foreword by Jon Vermillion

Art By Von Kurt


The book comes in Full goat skin leather. Letter Size



Table of Contents:




The Cyber Vampire; ‘Feeding Within the Consensual Reality Matrix’ 

The Rites of Wrath; ‘Vengeance Is Mine’

The Science of Magic; ‘All Is One’

The Arte Of Blood; ‘For the Blood Is the Life’

Dead…But Dreaming; ‘The Arte Of Necromancy, And the Calling Of The Fallen’ 

The Crawling Chaos of Infinite Form; ‘Nyarlathotep’

The Sonic Structure of Incantations; ‘Vibration Is The Key’

Final Word

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