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SABBATICA  Oracles of the Dead VOL 5

SABBATICA Oracles of the Dead VOL 5


Vol V

Oracles of the Dead


Standard Edition limited to 111 copies


Sabbatica emerges as a convocation of a series of massive volumes, conjoined in arcane gnosis in order to evoke the death current, that lead us to sacred knowlege pouring forth from secret vessels of necrosophic mysteries. SABBATICA is a massive volume available in hard bound leather edition and leather lodge edition. All beautiful pieces including in depth essays, praxis/ritual, arcane poetry. These suggestive, illustrative and revealling pieces offer you the entrance to the great dance macabre filled of oneiric visions and secret mysteries.


The book comes with  Print hard cover.

Cover art by Sebastian Frigeiro


Table of Contents


Necromancy In the Old Testament  

by Baal Kadmon


Dancing with the Dead in Japan  

by Aion 131 


Notes on South American Native Necromancy  

by Humberto Maggi 



by Jack Grayle 


The 9 Lords of the Underworld  

by Łukasz Grochocki 


The Concourse of Necromantic Forces

by Sean Woodward 


The Feared Art of Necromancy

by  Michael Hyson 


The Evocation of Crowley through the Genius of Sengael

by Nikolai Saunders


Self Sacrifice & Metaphoric Death

by S. Connolly


Necromancy in the spirit's World

By Mario Contreras 


Call of Shadows

By Tay Köllner/Xul-luX


Talking with the Dead

by Raven Stronghold


The shadow Flames

by Zulakara Taàfu


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