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SABBATICA -The Seas of Death, and the Arcana of Deathbringer - Deluxe Edition

SABBATICA -The Seas of Death, and the Arcana of Deathbringer - Deluxe Edition

The First Volume of Sabbatica is a complete grimoire within depth aspects of Black alchemy & Necromancy, in praxis and ritual form, each one of the essays ,visuals , poetry  included here are a key to the mysteries of the blackned light that is hidden within.


The initiation process in which the  individual may seek to strengthen and illuminate the self in own black flame. Through this illumination, we shall carve deep inside the hidden manifestations , oneiric visions and sabbatical  knowledge.


Each grimoire is a living talisman emanating its parallel continuity into the astral  realms of death & self trascendence. Edition limited to 22 copies only


Table of Content


The Death and Resurrection Show

Sean Woodward

Dead…But Dreaming; The Arte of Necromancy, and the Calling of the Fallen

S. Ben Qayin

The Waters of Death And the Graveyard of Stars

Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold

Nathtantrika Pitra Paksha Puja (Honoring the Ancestors & Hallowed Dead)

Hermeticusnath (Aion 131)

The Last Touch of the Great Poisoner

Ljóssál Loðursson

The Crown of Black Thorns: Explorations and Invocations of Our Holy Mother Death

Edgar Kerval

The Triumph Of Death

Claudio Carvalho

Arutam, Muisak, Nekas: (Three Souls of the Shuar)

Andrew Dixon & Sarah Price

In the Garden of Bones: Working with Death & the Dead in Pan-Aeonic Witchcraft

Bradley Allen Bennett

Death Magik And The Psychic Spiritual Nature Of Revenge

Dante Miel

Seven Feet Under: The Heart of Fire Beneath the Tongue of Silence

Kyle Fite

An Automatic Writing Provocation: Justitia Omnibus

Robert Della Valle


Visual Art

Hagen Von Tulien, Magick Kazim, Kyle Fite, Sean Woodward, Claudio Carvalho, Vaenus Obscvra, Edgar Kerval


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