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SABBATICA "Katabasis" Vol VI

SABBATICA "Katabasis" Vol VI



Black Alchemy & Necromancy


Through this new volume of Sabbatica "Katabasis" Black Alchemy & Necromancy, we explore the descending to underworld and connecting with the spirits of the dead, and how in context we can experience a deep level of transformation such as psychic, and spiritual. An deep process of black alchemy, in which the adept dies in an spiritual way and reborn transformed from the universe's womb, as an isolated individual always moving in different realities of perception through an amalgam of mysterious currents and understanding the myriad mysteries of death and the dead.



The Gates of the Dead 

by Lukasz Grochocki


Mayan Glyphs and Their Uses in Necromancy 

by  Raven Orthaevelve


Alchemy and Necromancy Occult Siblings 

by Bill Duvendack


Writing To and Receiving Letters From the Dead 

by Zemaemi Djehuty


Necronauts of Leng 

by Sean Woodward


* Mictlantecuhtli, the Underworld & the Death 

by Raven Stronghold


Corpus Mors 

by Waylon Szerszynski



by Sorsha Runarius


The Necromantic Goetia 

by Shawn Frix


Working with the Spirits of the Dead 

by Edgar Kerval


Art by : Chris Undirheimhar, Edgar Kerval, Sean Woodward, Lukasz Grochocki




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