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SABBATICA "Gravesongs & Herbal Gnosis" Vol VII Standard Edition

SABBATICA "Gravesongs & Herbal Gnosis" Vol VII Standard Edition

SABBATICA vol VII Gravesongs & Herbal Gnosis Sabbatica anthology emerges as an exposition of spectral seals, opening the astral paths of sorcery and magick. A convocation of a series of massive volumes, conjoined in arcane gnosis in order to evoke the primal path, that lead us to sacred knowledge pouring forth from secret vessels of sabbatic mysteries. This grimoire is an in-depth voyage to the waters of death, Herbal Craft and black alchemy moving from anthropological to psychological and to the most hidden roots. This Volume explores the diverse paths of necromancy and herbal sorcery from a deepest perspective. The book include 130 pages. Standard edition comes in beautiful colorful green cover with black and white art by Nigrae Edictum. 



The Oracle Head By Shawn Frix

Slavic Concepts of the Hereafter By Łukasz Grochocki

African Sorcery, Herbal Lore and Cultural Heritage By Soror Amrita

The Necromancy Machine By Sean Woodward

The Feared Art of Necromancy By Michael Hyson

Herbalism and Necromancy By Raven Stronghold

Dreamland Through the Mauve Zone By Ricardo Meyer

Knowing the Serpent: Beyond Symbol and Metaphor By Justin Combs

Sith Necromancy By Shawn Frix

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