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QLIPHOTH Opus IX  “Arcanum Diaboli”

QLIPHOTH Opus IX “Arcanum Diaboli”


“Arcanum Diaboli”


The new opus of Qliphoth, consist as the other volumes, an anthology of sorcery and witchcraft including diverse essays and illustrations from diverse authors and artists worldwide. The elder arcanum and secret gnosis revealed through a volume full of enigmatic passages and mysterious revelations. Echoes of elder magickal transmissions, and sabbatic craft now revealed through 152 pages. Each opus reveals diverse methods of witchcraft and sorcery as a nexus for the awakening in man, through self-knowledge and experiences based on each opus.

The book includes interesting articles such as:


In the Hands of the Violent Divine: Magickal Acts of Devotional Violence

by Shea Bilé


The Devil’s Due

by Kyle Fite


Mammon - The Hunger Within

by Asenath Mason


Invoking the Enochian Elemental Forces of ‘The Tablet of Union’

by Aion 131


Thaumiel: Final Ravine of Universe and True Seeing

by Thomas Karlsson


Zothyrian Meta-Magick

by Sean Woodward


Planetary Magick, an Introduction

by Bill Duvendack


The Art of Lucid Dreaming

by Ricardo Meyer


The Metaphysical Mouth – An Introduction

by André Consciência


The Beginning and the End

by Raven Stronghold


The Vessel of the spirits

by Edgar kerval


Standard edition limited to 55 hand numbered copies. Hard cover with the art of Nigrae Edictium.


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