Nyilam, "Debut Album" Digipack

Nyilam, "Debut Album" Digipack

Nyilam, "Debut Album" Zazen Sounds


Nyilam is a project founded by members of Alt3r3d Stat3 (CryoChamber) and Nam-Khar (WinterLight, Zazen Sounds, Drone Records, SombreSoniks, Qualia). Nyilam is a sonic exploration into the world of Dreams, Myths, Symbols and the Unconscious using elements of Ambient, Electronica and Kosmische Musik.


A Dream-Like experience for the listener to the deepest angles of his Subconsious....To Dream & Explore through the Inner Labyrinths!


Track List:

1. Tannhauser Gate 06:17
2. Pathways of Reflection 06:45
3. Broken Black Ice 06:32
4. Towards the Northern Sun 09:39
5. Black Monolith 08:10
6. Mortal Engines 06:28
7. Through the waves of Essence 06:06
8. Dawning of the morning Star 08:11