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NOXAZ is anthology book was forged with the unique purpose to explore in its most primal form the hidden chambers of the gnosis of the black serpent,as a key to the nightside visions and inner qliphothic process reached when the mind reaches back to the primigenian well of darkness. The awakening of Consciousness of each individual,the immortal seed of the will emerging from the fountains of forbidden wisdom.The primal current of the serpent planting its seed under the waters of kaos. This will be released by the promising Sirius limited esoterica a dedicated  reflecting musik,arte,handcraft books for exclusive collectors only!! Enchantment and primal craft through collected essays,and arte. The enigmatic expressionism,qliphotic sorcery evoked though 130 pages with full illustatrions and more yet to be revealed.


"Consecratio Coagula Elixir" comes in black hand grey hard cover and sigil of "Gran Bois". also this comes with 5 colorful cards. Each of the copies will be consecrated in offering to the serpent of the primordial darkness in which Noxaz inhabits. 


NOXAZ includes long and interesting pieces written exclusively for this publication as:

The Vine of Sodom 

Abby Helasdottir


In the Silver Waters of Qulielfi

Asenath Mason


The Maya of the Qlippoth

Bill Duvendack


The Gnosis of the Devil 

Humberto Magi


Dark Star of Chaos :Lafcursiax

Linda Falorio


Dragon Dark Serpent Bright

Michael Kelly


Dreamwalker of Leng

Sean Woodward



Dennis McCambridge

Joseph Curwen

Edgar Kerval

Sean woodward

Abby Helasdottir

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