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NECROMANTEIA Vol 2 "Necrosophy: Knowledge of the Dead" by Shawn Frix

NECROMANTEIA Vol 2 "Necrosophy: Knowledge of the Dead" by Shawn Frix


"Necrosophy: Knowledge of the Dead" By shawn Frix



"Necrosophy: Knowledge of the Dead"

By Shawn Frix

After the highest work by Shawn Frix in Necromanteia vol I ”Necromantic Apotheosis”. A second vol called ”Necrosophy: Knowledge of the Dead” a necromantic grimoire of sorts that contains the knowledge of the intelligences of the dead. What I mean by that is different cultural knowledge is going to be presented in the form of stories and parables. Notice I said dead not death those are two different energies that seem to get mixed up when people are writing about necromancy. Each intelligence has its own perspective on its realm. Back to the point, death and death have two different projections of energies. Death can be chaotic and traumatic but once that is passed the dead is serene and peaceful. Now that is not to say some of the spirits are not angry and chaotic this is about their general energy perspective. So why do we do this? Working with the dead has been frowned upon since the Roman age is really when it took a turn for the worse but in the last few years, it has become popular again. I have been studying and working in Necromancy ( which I chose as my focus). The dead and beings of that type of energy can offer a lot of wisdom to us. Building a healthy relationship with these energies can benefit both you and the spirits you work with on a regular basis. Think of Necromancy as a specialty branch of occult science. Some people work onlywith Fey spirits or angels, well in our sense necromancers work with spirits and beings of the realm of death.


The deluxe edition cost $ 150 us.  Ultra limited to 22 copies


The Standard edition cost $ 55 us


Table of Contents


The Purposes of Necromantic work

What Is Necromancy

The Realities of Necromancy

Necromancy and How it Works

Historic Necromancers



Odin the Great Necromancer




The Morrigan




Prophecy of the Morrigan

Manannan mac Lir

Necromancer of Endor

Muirgen mac Senchan


The Necromancer Erictho

Hades and Persephone

Adolphus the Necromancer

Daoist Necromancy

The Yin Side of Life

The Nature of the Daoist Soul

The Creation of a Ghost

Divination From A Corpse:

Daoist Ritual to Obtain a Spirit

Daoist Terminology vs Western Terminology

Daoist Origin of a Ghost

Hungry Ghost

Daoist Corpse Magic

The Corpse Walkers of China

Daoist Talisman to See Ghost and Spirits

Marbhdhraíocht and Animals


Celtic Animal Worship and Necromancy

The Celtic Animal Soul

Tuan Mac Cairill

The Story Tuan mac (son of) Cairill


Qliphotic Necromancy

Niantielian Necromancy

Invoking the Energies of Niantiel

Niantielian Zombies

Niantielian Pathworking

Necromantic Enochian

Sith Necromancy

The Scroll of Sith Sorcery

The Scroll of Dwomutsiqsa

The Traveler and the Mummy

History of the Oracle Head

Greek Oracle Head

The Celtic Oracular Head

The Skull of the Prodigy Child

Western Mantic Skull 120

The Necromancer’s Steed

References and Sources

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