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Major Arcana of the Underworld´s Sun

Major Arcana of the Underworld´s Sun


Major Arcana of the Underworld´s Sun

Vol I

This project emerges from visions and expectations upon an artistic level directed by Edgar Kerval. In this Project series, we explore the diverse paths of the Tarot, but though a personal and subjetive perspctive. Bringing  visionary  aspects of the Arcane mysteries, surrounded the divinatory process through each one of the Cards.


In this one, The sun is the important element, coz this explore the inner development of our own knowledge and show us how to transmute this into a factor of change in an inner alchemical process, through the oracle reading to understand more, each one the Major Arcana, from an unique perspective such visual as spiritual.

The Underworld’s Sun Deck includes:

  • 22 Full Color Major Arcane Deck (6 inch x 4 inchs)
  • A Cdr including 30 minutes meditation guided ritual music
  • 68 pages booklet with info on Each Major Arcana and its respective meaning and interpretation.



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