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LIL AZ'H'AZ LIL "The Grimoire of the Arachnean Goddess" by Edgar Kerval

LIL AZ'H'AZ LIL "The Grimoire of the Arachnean Goddess" by Edgar Kerval


"The Grimoire of the Arachnean Goddess"

by Edgar Kerval

Hard Cover book


Is a manuscript of devotion and madness, revealing aspects of Lilitu-Az covered by the arcane mysteries of sacred sexuality and the explorative visions of its gnosis under the tunnel of Thantifaxath. Rituals to connect with the current of Naamah under its arachnian form, invocations and preparations of insences, tinctures and mantras to penetrate the astral temples of the vampire queen of the sabbat. The grimoire reveals the path of initiatory magick of blood and its respective rituals of empowerment of soul.


Limited to 55 hand numered copies
This edition comes with printed hard cover design. The "Orgath Bath Mahalath" ritual musik digital album. 


Table of Contents


Introduction by Asenath Mason


Lilith, Genesis and the Awakening

The Astral Path of Lilitu (Vampire Astral Queen) 

The Acausal Rite of Lilitu

Through the Cave of Az

The Forbidden Flame and the Dark Fruit

Sexual Congress of Lilitu – Az

The Rite of the Black Serpents

The Lacsive Rites of Naamah

The Five Pillars of Fire 

The First Pillar of Fire (The Fire of Naamah)

The Second Pillar of Fire (The Fire of Ishet Zenunim)

The Third Pillar of Fire (The Fire of Orgath Bath Mahalath

The Fourth Pillar of Fire (The Fire of Az)

The Fifth Pillar of Fire (The Fire of Lilitu-Az)

Rite of Absorbing The Lunar Current Of Lil Az ’H’ Az Lil

Invocation to Paint the Seal of Naamah Through Lunar ...

The Phosphoresent Red Tunnel of Thantifaxath

The Pyramid of Thantifaxath (Dream Path Working)

Queen of the Night (Hymn to Lilitu)

The Sacred Elixirs and the Tinctures

The Gateway of Sacred Totem of Naamah

Invoking the Serpent lil, Through the Black Fire of the Void

Atavistic Call to Pass Through Acausal Currents

Atavistic Call to Ingress the Red Temple

Devouring the Essence of the Mysterious Rays of the Black...

Atavistic Call to Rise the Inner Fire of Lil Az 'H 'az Lil

Atavistic Call to Channelize the Essence of Deific Shadows of Lil Az 'H' Az lil

The Obsidian Shadow of Lil

Absorbing the Seed of the Queen of the Night

Dissolving the Primordial Chaos of Spirit and Flesh


Visual art by Sarah-Jayne Farrer, Diego Sanchez Garcia, Barry James Lent and Sigils by Edgar Kerval


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