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LIBER AMPRODIAS The Silence, the Scribe and the Void BY Edgar Kerval

LIBER AMPRODIAS The Silence, the Scribe and the Void BY Edgar Kerval



The Silence, the Scribe and the Void

by Edgar Kerval



Amprodias comes howling into consciousness as the Dark-starred Crawling Chaos at the heart of matter, sensed lurking just beyond the brink of rational consciousness as the Messenger and Servant of the Great Old Ones. The Faceless One, the Wordless Utterer and Voice of Silence penetrates the unprepared mind sinking wormlike tendrils, dragging consciousness into Daäth to be torn apart by mindless whirlings that obliterate the normal chains of cause-effect that bind us to reality. Streaking through the Void, the lightning strike flashes down the backside of the tree in an inside-out inversion, rupturing reality with high-voltage electrical blasts, opening the Daathian Gateway to the Inner Void.

While we submerged ourselves, in a distant place, beyond any human perception, we must be sure that we are travelers beyond time and space, because we are inside the tunnels or labyrinths all of the time.


So, the experience between death and rebirth and bring to us a forgotten experience of primal currents evoked through each ritual of evocation, through each seal painted. So Amprodias is the explosive disintegration of the ego, which if not experienced by the adept it can be very disturbed and destroy all exiting connection of him/her with its primal essence. That of the seeds of the void, emerging through time and space, via the diverse fragments of unconscious reality in which the adept emerges.




Introduction by Asenath Mason

Preface -Amprodias Voice of the Void- by Linda Falorio

The Silence, The Scribe and The Void

The Space-Time Fragments

The Oracle of the Void (Amprodias Exploration in the 11th Tunnel)

The Rite of Isolated Flame of Blinding Madness

The Daatian Spiral Webs

Through the Hidden Light

The Assumption of the Infernal Light

The Atlantean Stone (Invocation)

Through the Tunnel of Fire

The Backward Path (The Unveiled Path Ritual)

Symbols and Cosmic Gates

The Nightside Walker

Creating A Path to the Nightside Tree

Ritual of Ingress to Purple Gates of Amprodias

Primal Energies Through the Tunnels

The Secret Language

Below the Trees of Eternity (Invocation)

The Astral Mask of Gaghiel

Rite of Opening the Astral Gate

The Primal Shadow and the Black Light

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