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KITAB ALEAWA´FI LAYLAT ALSAHRA  “The Book of Howling in the Desert Night”

KITAB ALEAWA´FI LAYLAT ALSAHRA “The Book of Howling in the Desert Night”


“The Book of Howling in the Desert Night”

by 'Amir Alzzalam

امير الظلام


Within this tome lies a modern grimoire, a compendium unveiling an ancient majiq that promises to effectuate a transmutation profound, an ascent towards the apotheosis of one's psyche and soul. The Book of Howling in the Desert Night is a dread expedition through the recesses of science, the abysses of philosophy, and the rites of arcane majiq. It binds the vestiges of the primeval daemonic and the stygian enigma of Arabian wastelands, entwined with the forbidden vernaculars of our hoary ancestors. Venture, if thou dare, to absorb this dread codex, wherein dwells a transformation that shall rend the very fabric of thy being, whispering secrets that mortals were never meant to comprehend.


The Grimoire comes in two hard cover Limited editions of 111 for standard ones, and 22 for Deluxe leather editions. 


The Book includes 360 pages in a large tome 10 Inchs x 7 Inchs




The Unknown Known by Don Webb

Forward by Michael W. Ford


Path of the Heretic

Antinomianism - The Western Left Hand Path - The Adversary - Who the Hell is Satan? - Enter The Sufi


Æon 0f Iblīs

The Æon of Iblīs - ‘Azāzīl - Iblīs - Iblīs Šayṭān as the Prince of Darkness - Melek Ta’us

The Shamanism of Iblīs Šayṭān - Iblīs Šayṭān - The Heretical Antinomy Principle -The Greater Self - Wahm (The Imagination) - Shaitan Tribe - Secret Name of Iblīs Šayṭān


Kitab Bialzā'būq

Beelzebub - Azoth - Baphomet - Asmodeus - Pazuzu - Utarid (Mercury) – Nabu - The Horned God - Vual - Gremory - Şah Paimon - Desert Deities


Kitab SIN

Moon God & Goddess - Crescent Moon - Sîn (The Moon God) – Kaaba - Serpent of Arabia - Solve et Coagula - Cult of the Head - The Templars The Baptist and The Baphomet - Howlings of the Desert



Majiq and the Theater of the Mind - Sufi Majiq - Talismanic Majiq - Buduh the Arabic Magic Square - Oneiromancy - Inducing Dreams - Adherents of the Head (The Keffiyeh of Sîn) - The Speculum – Trātaka - The Bæytl - Creating the Eawayl Madkhal - Introduction to Ritual Work - Creating a Sigil in 6 Steps - Isolating Individual Consciousness - Phowa


Dirasat Al-Shayatin

Spiritual Agency - Envocation - Concepts of Reality – Djinn Jnoun: Moroccan Black Majiq - Demons of Solomon the King - The Prince of Princes

Eawa' fi Laylat Alsahra' (The Grimoires of Zaim A'zuzu)


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