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HOODOO PILOT Deluxe Edition by Kyle Fite

HOODOO PILOT Deluxe Edition by Kyle Fite

HOODOO PILOT is released as a precursor to its developing sequel volume which will focus further on exploring the thematic material treated in this book including Numisgnosis, Linguistic Foundations of the Magical Universe and the Interstellar Ministry of the Abbe Boullan.


“I’ve long admired Kyle’s style of writing;  it is clear and dynamic, and admirably lucid. Across the vari-ety of essays and articles presented here, that clarity and dynamism is apparent. Also apparent is the di-versity of Kyle’s writing. When it comes to the esoteric, Kyle has a diverse range of interests – Freema-sonry; Buddhism; the Typhonian Tradition of Kenneth Grant; the Voudon-Gnostic Tradition of Michael Bertiaux; the mystical artwork, philosophy and sorcery of Austin Osman Spare, and the work of William Blake, to name but a few. Many of these interests are reflected in the various essays collected together in this book.


Their diversity notwithstanding, the essays and articles collected here have a common core:


...that we are lived, that we are expressions of a current, or indeed perhaps of several currents. We are masks through which Godhead expresses itself.


As someone who has admired both his artwork and his writing for many years, I am very pleased to see this collection of essays and artwork published, and heartily recommend it.”


-Michael Staley, from the Introduction


“This present collection of writings, collectively entitled HOODOO PILOT, spans a period of around 15 years, give or take. The first essay, BECOMING HOODOO, began when a student of the OTOA-LCN expressed personal conflict while beginning his study of the Monastery of the Seven Rays lessons and those of the now classic Lucky Hoodoo grimoire. The former expressed a type of Mystical Contemplation in the Sphere of Divine Consciousness. The latter, by contrast, seemed dirty, gritty and focused on the way things are “down here.”


It was really an issue of White Magic vs. Black Magic.


I found the problem to lie, not with either set of Lessons, but in the idea that the two Paths were in opposition. To an extent, BECOMING HOODOO began as a Hegelian response to an individual student of OTOA-LCN.


This response remains relevant. When faced with two diverging paths, we should consider possible  Points of Union or SYNTHESIS.


BECOMING HOODOO proved to be more popular than I had anticipated and was, subsequently, up-graded from private distribution to publication. I was also asked to continue the series. Within this present volume, the full series is now gathered together.  


The BECOMING HOODOO series moves into a variety of other material, some of which has only been shared in private journals (MABYN: A WORD LOST & FOUND) or appears in these pages for the first time (BECOMING HOODOO: THE NU BEING). This volume also includes the more recent installments in the STATESHIFTER series, previously serialized in the publication, Zazen Sounds.”


HOODOO  PILOT collects 16 essays and 31 artworks into 2 limited editions of 22 numbered Deluxe Editions bound in embossed goat skin leather, includes full color plates. and 55 Standard copies. 328 pages in Half letter (8 x 10) Inches.







byMichael Staley


Becoming Hoodoo pt 1


Becoming Hoodoo pt 2


Becoming Hoodoo pt 3


Becoming Hoodoo pt 4:

The Exemplar


Becoming Hoodoo pt 5:

Behind the Glasses of Ghuedhe


Seven Feet Under:

The Heart of Fire beneath the Tongue of Silence


Orisons of the Oblique


Falling into Fire


The Syncretic Soul at the Cross of Cosmic Union


Vessels of Vision:

The Gnostic Artist as Magician of the Crossroads



A Word Lost & Found


Stateshifter pt 1


Stateshifter pt 2


Stateshifter pt 3:

Navigating the Nodensphere


Becoming Hoodoo:

The NU Being


Stateshifter pt 4:

Beyond Beauty

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