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The world will end by fire.” Can we stop it? Can we stop ourselves as we careen toward an unknown and unknowable, unforeseen and unforeseeable future? Come with us in the merry chase, the dark dance across the centuries as alien intelligences once more bend their attention to our sentient world and we reach out to them once more in our questing after truth and transcendence. 


What you have before you is a map into these outré realities both explored and unexplored, personal and yet universal adumbrations of methods and philosophies, explorations and exercises created to accelerate intercourse with  these rarefied realms. These essays, interviews and articles describe impressions, insights and revelations gained over a lifetime of magickal workings, meditation, self-experimentation, dangerous exploration and dreams, risking all, daring all, journeying to the edge time after time, accompanied by the ever-fearless, Dr. Fred Fowler to establish contact with alien intelligences both terrestrial and other-worldly through the interpenetration of time-space and existence. They are taken from. These reflect experiences and insights gained over years of experimentation, “walking on the points” and practical magickal practice as we dared to dance the funambulatory pathway between the worlds. Tread lightly here in daring to explore these rarefied realms for this is not an easy or recommended path to follow.


This artisanal grimoire include 165 pages of trascendental explorations to the communion with interdimensional entities.


Deluxe edition comes in full goat skin black leather and silver, and purple leather spine in silver. Comes with an altar cloth




*The Great Pyramid of Egypt Employed Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades

*Waves of Invaders from the Stars -The Shadow Tarot Minor Arcana 

*Star Magick

*The Eight Stellar Gateways

*The Tree of Night

*The Rite of the Opening Gates 

*Thee Tree Of Night Meditation 

*A'Ano'Nin: The Devil Is A Woman Dressed In Red 

*Dark Star of Chaos: Lafcursiax 

*"Not To See The Sun": In the Shadow of The Chariot 

*BAPH-METIS: Birthing The Second Child of Metis 

*Why “Dancing With Demons”? 

*RNA and Deep Body Meditation 

*The Lost Star: An Awakening 

*Notes on Priestessing and Power. 

*Notes on the HGA 

*Dancing with Genies, the Zar, the Loa and Demons of Abramelin. 

*Blood Rites of Babalon

*Techniques for Encoutering the Other, Techniques for Encontering the Self 

*Let Evil come to him who Evil thinks! 

*Seducing the Demon Lover

*The Secret of Sekhmet and Immortality

*Blood Magick, Moon Magick. 

*Tree of Night Tantra via Eroto-Comatose Orgasmica

*Twilight Magick

*Emme Ya Planet of Women 

*Kiss the Sky: A Tantric Text On Channeling Babalon

*Orgasm Magick 

*Shadow Tarot Introduction 

*Earthing the Tunnels of Set 

*A Brief Note on The Problems of "Evil" and The "Darkside" by Fred Fowler 

*The Scratching at the Windowpane -Magreb Interview 2014with Dasha Kalashnikova 

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