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Asenath Mason

Deluxe Edition


“Draconian Compendium” is a collection of essays and rituals that were written by Asenath Mason for the Qliphoth Journal and Sabbatica over the last decade. These texts cover a variety of subjects, from chosen Goetic entities, such as Malphas, to dark goddesses, such as Hecate. Several of them deal with the subject of the Qliphoth, the initiation of the Dark Tree, the gnosis you receive while traveling through the labyrinths of the Nightside, and the denizens of these mysterious realms. We have also decided to include certain texts that have not been published yet at all. This tome is meant for those who are interested in Asenath’s writings and would like to have the essays and rituals from these books included in one. It is also meant for the followers of her work who do not know where to look for certain texts, and for collectors, who would simply like to have a unique grimoire consisting of texts that are rare and hard to find anywhere else.


The Book comes in two editions. The Standard one is a hard print cover and limited to 111 copies. The Deluxe is in Leather hard cover and limited to 33 copies.

260 pages




Qliphothic Initiation

The Vortex of Fire

Caileach- The Hag of the Underworld

Chozzar, God of Atlantean Magic

Gnosis of the Void

Hecate-the Psychopomp

Kali Ma Working

Malphas -Builder of Structures

Qliphothic Orders

In the Silver Waters of Qulielfi

Working with Medusa

Mammon- The Hunger Within

Triple Moon Goddess

Nephthys-Darkness and Sacrifice

Queen of infinite Space

The Lady of the Flame

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