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CONSCIENTIA Deluxe edition by Master Shabarà

CONSCIENTIA Deluxe edition by Master Shabarà


by Master Shabarà

This book will help you to reach the Universal Consciousness’ with a series of meditations through ten different portals.

This work has been written after two years of personal journey of the author, where he channeled images, vision, names and sigils that helped him to achieve a deep connection with universal energies.

Each portal will take you in specific places of your mind and will allow you to grow your inner spiritual power, improve your creativity and self-confidence, will help to overcome your self-limiting belief and much more.

A journey that will create a new state of mind, a powerful experience that will change the way you see and live life.






The Universal Portals

The Basic Meditation Technique

Levion: The First Portal

Levion: The Experience

Gursma: The Second Portal

Gursma: The Experience

Syla: The Third Portal

Syla: The Experience

Ksanr: The Fourth Portal

Ksanr: The Experience

Jeyot: The Fifth Portal

Jeyot: The Experience

Herkem: The Sixth Portal

Herkem: The Experience

Xaron: The Seventh Portal

Xaron: The Experience

Holiman: The Eight Portal

Holiman: The Experience

Bexiom: The Ninth Portal

Bexiom: The Experience

Noivel: The Tenth Portal

Noivel: The Experience

Final Words


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