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ATLANTEAN WITCHCRAFT by Sean Woodward  Standard Edition

ATLANTEAN WITCHCRAFT by Sean Woodward Standard Edition


Limited to 55 copies


Do you remember Atlantis?

From the sunken woods below the water, to the faery queen Mab, the traces of the Atlantean Witchcraft can be found still. Explore the magic squares of SATOR and ONANA and the fabled White Temple of Atlantis. Walk through the shattered lands of the Qliphoth and the low gravity of the Moon as the talismans of the Concourse of the Necromantic Forces are revealed. Traffic with the decadent denizens of the City of Cubes as we pass through the atral realms.


In the Serpent House of ZAL return to the eldritch teachings of Za-ah-Lin and learn the ways of the Voltigeurs. Discover the rites of the Gholems and the magicks of the Atlantean Brotherhood.


If you are interested in the esoteric, the hidden, then Atlantean Witchcraft will help you unlock your occult inheritance. Remember Atlantis, remember the Sporefathers, remember Mer-ah-Lin !


The book comes in hard cover, and metal corners, including a digital music album  titled " The Secret Continent". 

206 pages in letter size (11 × 8½) Inches



    Table of Contents

    The Atlantean Witchcraft

    The Three-Faced Faerie Queen

    The Vampyre Lords of the Dead

    The Machines from Beyond Yuggoth

    The Serpent House of ZAL

    The Eye of Kal Thalin

    The Concourse of Necromantic Forces

    Technological Voodoo

    The Purple Moons of Yuggoth

    Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua & La Couleuvre Noire


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